Arizona classrooms suffering from low teacher pay: new report

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As the governor and Legislature get closer to a budget deal on school spending, the “Sunday Square Off” roundtable digs into a new report showing Arizona classrooms are in the throes of a crisis brought on by low teacher pay and high turnover.

The report, by Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy, shows:

-Arizona elementary school teacher pay is the lowest in the nation, when adjusted for the cost of living. High school teacher pay ranks 48th in the country.

-42 percent of Arizona teachers hired in 2013 left the profession by 2016.

-74 percent of school administrators said their campuses were experiencing a teacher shortage

The roundtable of Dan Hunting, the Morrison Institute policy analyst who was lead researcher on the report; Akshai Patel, CEO of the Phoenix Collegiate Academy charter schools; and Jennifer Johnson, of Support Our Schools AZ, a public-school advocacy group, break down the report and explain what they would do to turn the numbers around.

How to reverse Arizona teachers’ low pay, high turnover


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