Education advocates say state lawmakers are not doing enough to fund and sustain all schools

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Even with a state budget increase for K-12 of some $167 million, with a 2 percent pay increase incentive intended for returning teachers over the next two years, as well as $318 million from Proposition 123, advocates and area educational professionals say more needs to be done. AZ Schools Now, a leading public education advocacy organization, released its legislative report card that condemns those voting in favor of bills its leaders suggest do not bolster educational efforts, including the vote for the current budget that increased teacher pay but not enough to reduce shortages and the expansion of vouchers that enable parents to use tax dollars to afford private schools. For a full report, visit the link:

A leading, state-wide education advocacy organization, AZ Schools Now, laments that state lawmakers, including the Prescott region’s delegation, voted for bills that they suggest do not adequately support public education.

Originally published by Nanci Hutson with Havasu News on Aug 18, 2017.

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