Leaders in education push for increasing salary for teachers

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As the 2018 Arizona legislative session begins, leaders in the education system have one common request: increased pay for teachers.

Joe Thomas, president of the Arizona Education Association, wants teacher salaries in Arizona to start competing with those in other states. He also hopes to see “the legislature have an adult conversation about how we can improve the chances of student success in all of our schools across the state.”

Chris Kotterman, director of governmental relations with the Arizona School Boards Association, agrees that “teacher pay is where it’s at.” While issues like replacing buses that have over 200,000 miles and updating safety procedures will be addressed regardless, teacher pay needs to be the number one priority following that, says Kotterman.

To the original post and the video visit: https://azpbs.org/horizon/2018/01/leaders-education-push-for-teacher-salary/

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