Teachers March In Phoenix For Higher Raises In State Budget

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Teachers and education advocates marched Tuesday at the Capitol to ask for higher raises for teachers.

The march included several dozen educators and advocates who brought toy boats to the Capitol as a demonstration.

The march is a response to a comment made by Arizona House majority leader John Allen in regards to teachers who work two jobs. He said the extra income is not to make ends meet, but rather for luxury items, like a boat.

Arizona Education Association Vice President Marisol Garcia said, as a teacher, extra pay is necessary to supplement her current salary.

“The reality is teachers take second and third jobs so they can pay the insurance for their families, pay their bills,” Garcia said. “I’m going to be using it to buy classroom supplies and also make sure my son is able to have uniforms for next year.”

The marchers carried signs and chanted for a four percent raise in the state budget for all teachers.


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