AZ Schools Now Statement on Successful Effort to Halt ESA Voucher Expansion

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Phoenix, Ariz.— AZ Schools Now commends the tenacity and hard work of Save Our Schools Arizona, the all-volunteer grassroots organization formed three months ago to refer the ESA voucher expansion bill, SB1431, to the ballot.

“This is an amazing and historic feat for a grassroots effort,” stated Beth Simek, president of Arizona PTA. “In less than 90 days, this group worked tirelessly to collect more than 100,000 signatures from Arizonans across the state who want to protect our neighborhood schools from further defunding through vouchers.”

Jen Darland, vice president of the Arizona Education Network, says Governor Doug Ducey, who signed the expansion bill, and the legislators who voted for it should take heed. “Out-of-state special interests may support voucher expansion, but this effort makes it clear that parents and teachers—those most affected by school reforms—do not. It’s time to end the taxpayer subsidies for private and religious schools and instead fund and prioritize the number one choice of Arizona parents: public schools.”

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