Be an education champion!


August 2018
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AZ Schools Now and community partners will be holding a series of candidate forums. These forums will give attendees the chance to ask questions of these candidates so be sure to join us for this very important event. Fill out this form with your top question for candidates about education funding.

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Fiscal Year 2019 Reinvestments in Public Schools Leave More Than $800M Missing Compared to FY2008

Be an education champion!

Here are five ways you can use your vote to help public education WIN this election season:
  1. Register to vote, update your registration, and sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List.
  2. Support and vote for candidates who stand up for your priorities for education policies and funding. Vote in both the primary and general elections. Don't forget governor, school board, state senator and representatives, state superintendent of public instruction, U.S. House and Senate—they all make decisions that affect our schools.
  3. Decide on funding for your local schools if your school district has a bond election or a budget override.
  4. Take a stand on using state funding for private school vouchers with a vote on Proposition 305.
  5. Vote on dedicated funding for teachers and classrooms through the Invest in Education Act.

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Register to vote

Update your registration and sign up for the Permanent Early Voting List.

Ten questions to ask candidates on school funding
  1. Is state funding for public schools in Arizona too low, too high, or just about right?
  2. Many Arizona leaders, organizations, and local governments have endorsed the Arizona Education Progress Meter with specific goals in education benchmarks from early education through post-secondary. With our current funding policies, are we on track to meet these goals by 2030? Name one change in policy you would promote to move us toward the progress meter goals.
  3. Strong financial plans require both income and expenditures. What is your top priority on the revenue side of the ledger for a financial plan for education?
  4. Do you support or oppose the universal expansion of ESA vouchers passed in 2017 and on the ballot as Proposition 305?
  5. Do you support or oppose the Invest in Education proposition now undergoing signature gathering that would create dedicated resources for the Classroom Site Fund with a higher income tax rate on high-income earners?
  6. Are all students in Arizona properly served by our education funding policies? If not, who is being underserved in the current system, and how can we address such disparities?
  7. Do taxpayers have enough accountability for public district schools? What about charter schools and private schools that use tax credits and ESA vouchers? If not, name one thing that should be changed to strengthen accountability.
  8. Do you want to make any changes to the allocation of the Prop 301 dedicated sales tax funds?
  9. Reading proficiency by third grade is the most important predictor of high school graduation and career success. In 2017, only 4 in 10 Arizona third graders passed the AZ Merit reading test. What tools should state policy and funding provide to public schools, teachers, and parents to improve reading success?
  10. The funding trends in Arizona since the Great Recession include growing private school tax credits and ESA vouchers, new tax cuts added annually, and sporadic appropriations for school facility maintenance and repair and new school construction. If you are elected, what trends would you like to create for the next ten years?